The Incredible Story of Dr. David Simon & His Brain Tumor


After helping hundreds of thousands of people heal & transform through his books, courses, and internationally recognized wellness center (The Chopra Center), Dr. David Simon unexpectedly had to face the most challenging and confronting experience of his life – a rare and aggressive form of brain caner. This is his story of consciously navigating through life, death, and disease.




  1. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 52. He lost a lung then it moved to other parts of his body and one by one they kept taking his organs. He suffered for 5 long years but in his first 2 he managed to finish getting his bachelors degree in business management. All the while he was sick he managed to keep his spirits up and was as happy go lucky as he was all his life. He passed at the at age of 57 and that was the saddest day of my life. I think of him everyday even though he’s been gone for 19 years. He was my rock. Now I’m working hard to make sure that my kids don’t have to live the life that I have and will be set forever. I will be a success and many will benefit because of it. I know that life is short and we must live it to the fullest.

    • Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story with us also. You’ve helped me to realize that life is short and we must not waste the time we have here. Family and friends are everything.

    • Ali says:

      Morris, your father is with you always, we never truly lose anyone, sometimes it seems that way from the physical point of view but our loved ones are always with us no matter what. In the beyond they are as alive as they ever were, if not more so.

  2. Cricket Windsong says:

    Exceptional video Max. What a beautiful testimonial you have all co-created of your dad’s journey with brain cancer. LOVE leads this whole journey, bringing unexpected gifts along to those experiencing this intimately as well as those of us who are witnessing this through videos such as this. The expansion of Living in each moment with grace, gratitude and heart is obvious…what a beautiful transparent message you are bringing to our collective world to witness. Sending you LOVE in return, with continued healing and illuminating light your way…

  3. Hey there Max,

    You and your family serve as a beautiful illustration of the power of presence… the power of hope… and the power of love. I am touched and inspired at your openness and vulnerability. Much love, Mark

  4. Lili says:

    Dear David,

    I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Your story touches my heart and I want to send you my loving vibrations from this corner of the world. I always feel there’s a meaning to everything that happens. In cases like yours, I get sad because I can’t find it… God only knows.
    I sincerely hope that you transcend this. Life is so precious and you teach us that every second with your example.
    I lost a friend recently, he was also a physician, a renowned cardiologist here in my country.
    The unavoidable question is : ” why, how come a healer …”. anyway. Peace be with him.

    Thank you David and God Bless.
    P.S. thank you Max for being present for you dad and for sharing with the rest of us.

  5. kelly says:

    Peace to you Max,
    Throughout the entire video, there was such a message of peace and the feeling that you were all so touched by grace and awareness of your blessings. Continued grace and healing energy to you and your whole family.
    Kelly W.

  6. Beverly Bergman says:

    Dear Max,

    What a blessing this touching and very transparent work is for healing for you and your family and everyone around the world who is fortunate enough to be share the journey with you in some way. You are certainly not alone. All of our thoughts and prayers are with your Dad and your whole family. Your dad is an extraordinary man and healer in every sense of the word.

    Sending you all the love and light you deserve,

    Beverly Bergman

  7. What a blessing that you can all embrace each aspect of this challenging yet beautiful journey. Much Love and healing light to all of you. Beautiful video!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Much love to you and your family on this sacred journey.

  9. Maha says:

    I am so touched by this video. What an inpirring story. There is a hidden gift in every challenge. We have to look for it and emrace it.I relate to what is happing with you David because I had a similar experience years ago. My life had been transformed . I found peace and joy. I can see that you are living from a centre of peace and grace.
    I hope that you transcend this illness I pray for you.
    Thank you for sharring your story with all of us.

  10. Lay Tan says:

    Thank you for sharing the light…

    This must be so very difficult time. Sending you and your family loving vibrations and light from my crystals…and to your dad (if he would allow), a grid of smoky surrounded by rose quartz, citrine and aquamarine blue..

    Love and Blessings

  11. Sharon says:

    David: You are truly courageous. I understand your sadness and your love of the sweetness of
    the morning. The stilness of first light holds many promises. I will hold you and your family in
    my heart and prayers.

    Max: Anamcara

  12. Luana Mauer says:

    The courage and dedication to your passion of teaching and sharing through modeling comes through with pure love once again Max. Words cannot describe how I feel about your Dad’s courage and sweetness in sharing his powerful journey. We are all better people because of him and who he has chosen to be in this life. Much gratitude to you both.

  13. Loved this. Just witnessed my Dad’s death as I spent two weeks, 24/7 and slept for four hours a night…with him as he swirled and whirled in the revolving door of LIFE/DEATH….and the songs I sang to his spirit as it soared during the departure of 12 minutes.

    Thi ha sbeen my focus…to see life as fully lived to fully know all is well when G-d/Hashem/The Divine calls you back -when that breath is taken back as the sweet gift it was given as. Life is a gift—-
    As a an ANusara YOgi I do workshops in LOVE LOSS and CONNECTION…let’s collaborate and expand exponentially…

    Deepak knows my daughter, Alana Elias Kornfeld-Senior Editor, International; AOL/Huffington Post Media Group She grew up this way as your dad parented you tis way,, Treating one’s spirit is the only thing we can control…

  14. Aini says:

    Thank you for sharing your life. I send you lot of love and appreciation. I hope you David may still live for a long time. I lost my 38 year old dad in the age of 5 very suddenly and I cannot understand it even now about 50 years later. Still I’m sure that the children will survive and I also know that we have the connection even though we all may not be here in physical form. Some how I believe there is a reason for everything. Some of us will find out what’s it in here. One might be to tell everybody that it’s never late to believe for better future and start collaborating for it. You are also a living proof about how to be peaceful what ever is happening inside or outside yourself. You really are using your wisdom daily and telling us all that we have enormous capacities in our brain and body.. Thank you!

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  16. colette says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Tremendous beauty here in this,touches the mystery of life/death, brought tears to my eyes, very moving. May you be blessed, sending you love

  17. Deeply touched and grateful by sharing your emotional story, meeting life, confidence, compession and love…Thank you very much David, Max and your dear Family to spread the wisdom of life into the world…
    Many blessings, light and love

  18. Patricia Kauffman says:

    Gracias for the gracia of your brave heart, I’m deeply touched by your experience.
    May you live a long life between all of us beautiful one!
    laughing, nurturing, loving.
    With love and respect.

  19. Teresa Peterson says:

    Dear David,Max , Pam and the girls,

    Thank you for sharing with us this Journey of Love , Life and Healing with this beautiful video.
    David your experience is expanding our hearts with Divine Love and Wisdom.

    Thank you for your generosity and magnificent gift .

    With love,


  20. Goolcher Navdar says:

    Thank you Dr David, Max & your entire family for sharing the story of your family’s journey during the challenging period last year. It was at the same time I was myself diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And I said to myself, if a mind body healing practitioner of so many years’ standing can be affected by the irony of fate to face and experience the very disease he is specialised in, there is no reason for me to ask myself WHY? It can happen to anyone, for various reasons. Although it was a very emotional period to convince my children and relatives that I would be fine, the cancer was a blessing in disguise for me. It urged me to take action in those areas of my life where I needed to, to love myself and to discover that I was responsible for neglecting my body by giving all the time and attention to everyone but myself. I started to practice the healing modalities I had learnt over the years and had utmost faith and confidence that I would be healed. Life is an ongoing learning process and challenges bring the family together in strength and love. On year later, I am doing well, I had refused chemo, the radiation has taken its toll on my already weak bones, but I am a survivor. May your film inspire the masses and fulfil its purpose. Thank you so much for being a great inspiration, the video speaks volumes. Namaste. Love, Light & Gratitude, Goolcher

  21. alison cahill says:

    Dear david,
    Thank you so much for sharing,what a profound story of courage and endurance. I had the prviledge of meeting you in person about 3 years ago in Salt lake,during ZRII launching. My life has change so. you are such an inspiring soul.I cherished one of your books Ten Commitments. My wish is that someday I will make it to the Chopra center not my time yet. My prayers are always with you and your beautiful family.
    Alison Cahill

  22. Golsa Sarabi says:

    It’s truly really sad, thank you so much for the beautiful video. We all send our positive vibes, great energies and prays to you, you wonderful family, and through your healing.

    Please stay with us,
    Love U all,
    Golsa Sarabi

  23. Carson says:

    hi david that was so inspiering the video taught me courage beacuse just a little history about me when i was born i was a one pound preemie in the ICU 21 years ago. i feel like you and me have somthing in commen and i send my strength, prayers and hopefull energy to you because we are fighters.

  24. Katherine Healey says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful video. I got up this morning feeling different than I do at this moment. I have a thought…what kind of world would it be if we all had that much love and compassion in our own lives? I have many words to describe what I just watched, but I will sum it all up with one word ~ LOVE!

  25. Susan Johnson says:

    A beautiful slice of humanity at it’s best. An inspiration that deeply touched me. Blessings to the remarkable Simon family. I had the profound experience of hearing David speak at a Chopra Center weekend. I asked Dr. Simon for a piece of him to take home. He replied, “Take it all!” I carry David’s spirit and wisdom in my heart. He is a rare and beautiful person, a blessing for mankind.

  26. komala Saunders says:

    Dearest Dr. Simon,

    I am so happy to have the opportunity to share with you even though you are getting so many comments there is a chance you wont be able to receive them all, but I wanted to share some of my memories with you…

    I remember first meeting you after I had just started cooking for the CHopra Center program about 5 years ago. YOu were in DG’s office and I stepped in to ask DG a question. I remember there was a powerful energy in the room with you both and as you looked up at me my mind stopped…i was struck for a moment….I couldnt answer DG’s question to me….you looked at me and said simply, “God”…you knew and I knew and that was all that could be said to describe the moment……from then on I knew I was home……I had spent time in Ammas ashram and was hoping for a spiritual environment to work in.

    I remember going into the center when you were there and feeling your spiritual presence there. with my workspace in the tiny kitchen across the hall from your office I could feel your spiritual presence there and it was comforting to me….

    I loved serving you meals because I could always feel you sending me love and thanks as you received it…..For me, I felt you in the field of Oneness and love….I could sense into your intentionality to truly serve and awaken people….I really loved that! It helped me to align to my own intentionaly to love and serve…… I am so sad I was not able to cook for you…….I am now living at my mothers and it would be hard to cook with she and my stepdad here……but if you EVER need someone please call me….I could come over and whip some yummy soup or dahl up for you!!!….
    .In humblest of Pranams to you dear dear soul…..Many Many Blessings to you and your family…..(thank you Max for making the videos,,,awesome!!) and may we all keep serving and loving til all are free……



  27. mary mcgraw says:

    I can relate so much to Dr. Simon’s video and thank him for sharing his journey with us . I was dx. with refractory Hodkin’s disease in 2010 and have been living the ups and downs of treatment. I am blessed to be in remission as of this Aug. 2011. I have made many lifestyle changes and the main one is not posponing. Live fully and really feel what it is to live. Breezes on your face .Nature the comfort of your pets and family. The outpour of compassion. We never know when our time is near that’s why you need to embrace the day.

    Thank you,

  28. fiona says:

    Rest in deep peace David xx

  29. Dear Max, I am saddened by the passing of your dad.I know that we will all be missing him greatly. But, somewhere in the fog of my tears, I realized how totally fortunate we have been to have experienced his life in the web of our lives. My prayers and love is pouring out to you, your family and to Deepak. Love is the answer to everything and ‘David’, your dad, has been the light to LOVE.
    Thank you for sharing your experience, your love.

  30. Agata Gabriela Hamciuc says:

    speak no more..

  31. My deepest condolences to you and your family, Max. If I may suggest something, it is: honor your feelings. My dad passed away at the age of 59, over 3 decades ago, when I was really young. I didn’t know how to honor my grief and sorrow then, and “buried my feelings alive.” I now know how important it is to stay with my/our feelings, rather than doing a “spiritual bypass.” As you stay with your them, you will eventually resurface on the other side experiencing peace.

    Thank you for posting the videos and keeping this journey real. It brings us all together in the true sense of our humanity.

    You and your family will be in my prayers.

    Many blessings,

    Dr. Chrys

  32. gina barone says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and touching video. I was blessed to have attended a worskshop in 2005 that your father led that truly transformed my life. Your father helped me in so many ways become myslef and I am passing those gifts now to my young daughters. Through his compassion and generosity, his spirit continues on in the collective consciousness. I’ll never forget David Simon and am forever grateful for his contributions.

  33. My Divine David and family I send you all my loving energy. I always admired David’s way of accepting what is. I truly remember when he spoke to us at teacher’s conference on september 2010 a liitle after his condition appeared. And I was amazed by his beautiful loving heart and the way he really was feeling-relaxed and calmed even after knowing the news. One thing that really stayed in my mind after that speech was when he said ”CELEBRATE” he said do not waste time in the small stuff, just celebrate every single day of your existance and be grateful for each day. WOW!!! isn’t this so true. I always though that if there is something to learn from him now is that no matter what happens to you just accept it with grace and do your best. Do not allow anything from the outside to control your inner-peace.
    Thank you for all your wisdom. I feel your energy all around. Namaste.

  34. Sandra Gibson says:

    Dearest Max…. Your Father was a beautiful person; he once referred to me as ‘an angel’ and now bless his soul he is surrounded with them. Hold on to the precious memories. Namaste…

  35. Jet I. Thurmann says:

    Dear Max

    Thank you so much for your letter and film which I have boght to day (just returned from a 5 weeks Trip to India)

    I was very moved by reading your mail and see the small teasers again and I admire your courage and love to make this film. I remember how I felt when I lost my mother 10 years ago – she was 95 years old -.still I felt a part of me also died that day and as a paradox I also felt a part of her was living on in me as well – and still is. – 2 years after her death I was able to write her the following poem as I hope can help you a little bit in your grief. My god help you and be with you – remember that great sorrows also help to develope us to grow to whole human and matured beings. My thoughts are with you – love from Jet Izabella from Denmark


    Although you have forsaken me and abandoned me as a baby -

    I forgive you – you had no choice.

    Although you overprotected me and wanted me to be a good little nice looking girl and played the roll as the wonderful mother –

    I forgive you – you had no choice. Besides you never succeeded.

    Although you tried to bring me up to be dependent on you – I forgive you – you did not know what you did.

    I love you because you were always there for me – helped me – supported me and accepted me through all my life, although you did not understand the mysterious

    girl you brought to life – who behaved so differently from you!

    I even think you admired me a little bit when I became a grown up woman.

    I love you because I felt your unconditional love for me throughout my life.

    To day you are dead and I shall never see you again in the form you had in this life.

    So we have to say goodbye for ever – and I feel a deep pain inside me

    as I was dead as well.

    I will never meet a human being in this life who will love me and

    care for me as you did.

    Now I regret I did not take more time out to be with you –

    to sit with you and just hold your hand in silence –

    to look at old family pictures and talk about the past.

    To tell you how much you meant to me – and how I would never forget you

    and every thing you did for me.

    I love you, dear mother, for ever.


    Jet Izabella Thurmann

    September 2003

  36. Scott Donie says:

    Surrender beautifully. Surrender gracefully. Battle to the end. Where you put your attention will grow. You have taught me so much. All in the last 30 minutes. Thank you.

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