More about me and my purpose


Hello, I’m Gloria. As a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach, I am dedicated to guiding women with chronic illnesses toward reclaiming their vitality and strength.

My path to coaching began in a quaint town in Argentina, long before I fully grasped the essence of life coaching. Dreams of healing and aiding others took root at the tender age of 14, inspiring me to pursue a medical degree in Buenos Aires. My passion for women's health naturally led me to specialize in gynecology—a field where I could support women through every phase of life and advocate for their well-being amidst a patriarchal society's challenges.

During my residency, I immersed myself in the compelling realms of surgery and oncology. The latter broadened my understanding of women's pivotal role in society, the depth of human suffering, and provided a critical insight into the focused lens of traditional medicine. Post-residency, my commitment to gynecologic oncology took me to the esteemed MD Anderson Cancer Center for an observership that enriched my medical experience and unexpectedly introduced me to my future husband.

Relocating to the United States marked a significant turn in my journey, bringing with it the challenges of adapting to a new country, step-parenting four children, and later becoming a mother myself. Amidst personal and professional upheaval, I found my calling diverging from the traditional medical path. My work in clinical research at MD Anderson, particularly on rare neuroendocrine cervical carcinomas, shed light on the stark disparity between treating a condition and understanding the person behind the diagnosis.

A growing desire to serve women in a more holistic way led me to explore life coaching. Jay Shetty's philosophy resonated deeply with my own, and I embraced the opportunity to help others navigate their lives with intention and insight. This revelation crystallized during my coaching certification, where it became clear that my purpose was to empower women facing the relentless demands of chronic illnesses.

This conviction birthed Return to Wholeness—a platform symbolizing healing and the journey toward a complete, vibrant self. The quest for knowledge is perpetual. Inspired by Gabor Mate’s work on the intertwining of trauma and chronic illness, I am currently enhancing my practice with Compassionate Inquiry, ensuring that I am not just a coach but a compassionate, present ally for the incredible women I am privileged to support.

I am on an unending quest for growth, always seeking to augment my practice to honor the resilience and beauty of my clients.